The final task for mobility in Croatia.


The task for the students was to write essays in which they had to write what they did through the days of mobility in Croatia and what they learned. Each team had to write an essay for the day assigned to them. Students were divided into mixed groups and everyone had to write their own comment for mobility.


What the students learned:

"The skills I learned this week are numerous. I learned to communicate with young people from different countries, fly a drone, create timelines, and above all work as a group among us." - Alessio

"We learned things about internet security, the history of Požega and learned things about mechanical engineering." - Berk

"I had the chance to practice my English and meet with different people from different parts of Europe. The entire mobility was fun and informative for me." - Gizem

"I could practice a lot of talking. So, communication is the main skill I was learning. I also got to know Požega city quite well." - Kristo

"I learnt a lot about the history and culture of Croatia. There are some cultural differences but I enjoyed my time here. I loved the Facility of Mechanical Engineering and I met a lot of new friends." - Emre

"It is good to be part of projects like this one. I learnt a lot about other cultures and I improve my knowledge. I enjoyed every second here and I am so excited for the future mobilities." - Mihael






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