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Slovenian project corner:



Slovenian logo that was chosen as the best by the local students:


In service training

In-service trainings for teachers in Slovenia was held on 13 January 2020.

Workshops for teachers were held about the seminars attended in Estonia. 

We also presented them Estonian school system and the country.


School video

Slovenian school video:


Slovenia held a technical day in February 2021 cooperating with Croatian Erasmus+ partner via Zoom. Information about it was given on school website.

Slovenian school publishing an article on school website – even though we were not able to join the meeting in Croatia in person, we joined via Zoom in November 2021


Christmas cards

Slovenian Christmas cards sent by students:


Zoom meetings

Slovenia: in January 2022 Slovenian students researched top most wanted jobs in Slovenia right now and presented them on meeting via Zoom in Istanbul.



Slovenian team crated ecological mousepads to disseminate the project. The mouse pads were distributed among partner schools:



Maths and Science questionnaire

A questionnaire was distributed in Slovenia


Exploring the robotic world

Slovenian students explored the robotic world:

Programming and robotics, February 2020. Students of year 7 visited workshops at the 4.0 Institute in Ljubljana. The first workshop introduced the children with programming basics using Lego mindstorm. Then the students gave it a go in programming themselves. 

At the second workshop students got acquainted to differential, which vehicles it is used in and then they built it themselves. The students really enjoyed this technical day.


English lesson held in February 2021 (long distance learning). The activity was called Listening: Robotics and artificial intelligence. Students did some exercises focusing on the world of robotics and artificial intelligence today.


Technical day, February 2021, a technical day was held with the title: Robotics and future jobs. It was later set as example of good practice by SLovenian National Agency and published on their website and the biggest teacher's website


FUTURE JOBS – Zoom lessons in on 5 February 2020, students of year 9 had English lessons based on 21st century skills and jobs of the future.


Robotics in school, October 2019, the school hosted The Kids Academy. Using LEGO WEDO 2.0 the children had a fun way of learning how to build a robot. Then they programmed it to move forward, backward, turning while hitting an obstacle, etc.



A fundraising day with a yardsale of second hand items was organised in Slovenia, December 2019.

Second hand items selling in October 2021 - students brought their used things from home and held a charity raffle. The donated money was given to Slovenian school's special school fund. The money was be used for underprivileged children – covering the expenses of school in nature and activity day, buying school supplies, etc.


Occupations needed and career

In January 2022 students researched top most wanted jobs in Slovenia right now and presented them on meeting via Zoom in Istanbul.


Students of year 8 were researching our local and national architecture. Using the graphic tablets which were funded by EU and our project, the students got to learn how to work with graphic tablets by turning into graphic designers, architects, etc.


Stress level research

All partner school's students researched the stress level in workshops while in Slovenia.

Links to workshops and padlets from Slovenia:


First part of the workshop:

Second part of the workshop:

Second workshop:

Impressions written on Padlet after the meeting in Slovenia:


Presentations about things learnt in Slovenia

Students made presentations about what they did and learnt in Slovenia in each of their schools in June 2022.



In October 2021 students of year 4-6 created innovative algorithms.


Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovativeness, September 2019

The students and their teachers started a special club in September 2019 meeting twice a week to form new ideas which would eventually lead to better well-being of all school participants. Creativity and innovativeness for entrepreneurship methodology was used.

Exploring castles - 21st century skills, on 26 May 2021

Students of year 6 had a workshop about castles. They solved riddles and puzzles in groups, explored written sources about the Kamen Castle and Katzenstein manor. Everything was written down using ICT.

Using Alexa smart speaker in English classroom. Students got familiar with the idea of a smart house and smart assistant, how we can use it at home and we used it at school for group work, looking for information, games, collaboration, speaking and listening activities.



17. 12. 2019, students of year 9 visited a Wood Tehcnology High School in Škofja Loka. They got to know interesting facts about wood and different materials, the education in their school. Using the gained knowledge practical work followed in the wokrshop. Each student created a foldable wooden chair which he/she got to take home for good.

Rubik's Cube tournament  was held on 15 April 2021 in school yard to promote our project.

Science day was held on 9 April 2021. Students of year 6 had a long distance Science day. Using our web classroom they first watched a video for revising their knowledge of leaves.

Technical day at Economical Gymnasium and High School Radovljica, 4 October 2019. During technical day students of year 9 got to choose among 9 different workshops.


Innovative way of learning Chemistry  in Slovenia used by the teacher in April 2021


Learning by doing

Microbiology and biotechnology – learning by doing, students of the 9th grade had an activity day during corona virus quarantine about microbiology and biotechnology. First they watched a few short films and read about these two terms. They were given a task to search for some examples of microorganisms in their home. After that they studied about yeast fungi activity.

Year 8 in March 2021, using a microscope we had learning by exploring, cooperation and creativity. We explored how a microscope works and what kind of image it shows us


Exploring the world of mathematics

In November 2021 students explored the world of mathematics inside computer hardware. Working on our creative and collaborative skills, students of year 8 taught the students of year 6 how to solve a Rubic's cube.

Project work about sense organs - students of the 8th grade learnt about sense organs (eye, nose, skin, ear, tongue) on their own. Most of all they had to do a lot of practical tasks in order to learn about sense organs physiology. The teacher later  prepared one higher taxonomic assignment that asked students to do some synthesis of their new-found knowledge. The assignment was about turning on all senses when they see a basket full of fruit and vegetables.

WW2 - Activity day, 28. 5. 2021, students of year 9 had a workshop based on the topic of World War 2. Practising 21st century skills students collaborated in groups, solved puzzles, riddles and used ICT. Work at school was later followed by a field trip to explore the history of Begunje na Gorenjskem.