Christmas cards

In December 2019, students made Christmas and New Year cards for their friends in partner schools.


Math and Science

Croatia: The school traditionally holds a Mathematics Evening. The goal of this activity is the popularization of mathematics and a positive attitude towards it (december 2019, 2021).


School Fairs

Croatia: Every year in December, students and school staff collect food and hygiene items for many families in need of help.


Project webpage

Croatia: students and teachers of the project team work to collect, edit and publish articles related to the project on the project website


Occupations needed and career

RCK Slavonika 5.1 - Smart Factory StartUp

The campaign was organized in the form of presenting entrepreneurial ideas of final year students in a consortium with citizens and future employers  (April 2022).


Technology addiction

Croatia: During the week in which we celebrate Safer Internet Day (February 2021), students analyzed their use of digital technology, frequent use of mobile phones and the Internet, and reflected on the reliability of the information they discover when searching the Internet.



Research on historical buildings

Croatia: students researched the relationship between mathematics and architecture and made a presentation in March 2021.


School as a lab

School competition in the discipline of electrical installation (February 2021, January 2022).

School competition of students in the educational discipline Automechatronics  (February 2021).

Electricians used the sunny weather to perform exercises outdoors. The students performed the exercise "Idle voltage and short-circuit current of the PV module at the maximum radiation code" (October 2019).

Exhibition of innovations, International exhibition of technical creativity and innovation (INVENTUM, Ilok, April 2022)


Seminars and visits for students

Students attended 3D modeling, 3D scanning, programming and VR technology workshops in  Dubrovnik - Summer academy "DuBrotic" (August 2021, July 2022),

Workshop on VHDL language for describing circuit operation through the "VHDL/FPGA Mobile Teaching Laboratory" project (June 2021)

Extracurricular teaching in Osijek at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing as part of the "Labus" project. Students participated in workshops in the field of computing and information technology (31 January 2020)


Learning by doing

Working with drones - training young people to work with drones through the Drone League project, high school students are directed towards the STEM field and develop competencies that are significant in the long term on the labor market  (from February 2022).



Christmas workshop was held at the school to decorate baubles using the "decoupage" technique (December 2021)

Eco-workshop of creative recycling as a form of ecological education and upbringing for sustainable development (December 2021)

The "Creative and Independent" competition attracts high school students and 5th-8th grade elementary school classes to show their creative artistic abilities and affirm positive, healthy attitudes and life choices (May 2022)