Project corner


In-service trainings

Estonia: "Seminar 21st century skills and teaching strategies" in service trainings in January and June 2020


Zoom meetings

Estonia: Zoom meetings with students were organised to keep the project going


Math and Science

Estonia: Math and science questionnaire was compiled, distributed to other partners and results were analysed


Flipped Classroom

Estonia: students' study visit to local museum as a flipped classroom project October 2021;  study visit to the Ice Age Centre November, December 2021; flipped schoolday projects 2020-22 with cooperation of youth centre November 2021; project How to learn for the Smartclub November 2021, February 2022; study visit to Ahhaa centre March 2022.


Estonia: Robotics was the topic from primary school on, many events included robotics.


School Fairs

Estonia: Every December Christmas fairs were organised for charity, also Valentine Day fairs are traditional.


Occupations needed and career

Estonia: Gymnasium level students participated in the Career day of Local region October 2019. Job shadowing day November 2019. Study visit to the court- the job of a judge December 2019. Career advisors at school September, March 2020, January 2021. Visit to a local entrepreneur October 2020. Jobs at Fire Department November 2020. Students of 12 grade participated in a workshop of students of Tartu University about business and careers November 2021.  8th grade students and gymnasium students visited career centre Tallinn and made the presentations after that November 2021, career game in Tartu Enterpreneurship village for 4-6 graders November, December 2021. Career advisors at school for 9, 12 graders March 2022. For 10-12 graders job possibilities in a local firm COOP.


Technology addiction

Estonia: Youth Digital competences against addictions- research in cooperation with Tartu university May 2021. Digital world and addictions - students visited Tartu University and participated in reserach April 2022. The students themselves organised a Lan-party as alternative to addiction January, October 2020, November 2022.


Technology addiction


Research on historical buildings

Estonia: primary students had Lego day to create historical buildings March 2022.

Research on churches and historical buildings


Stress on stress and nature

Estonia: the teachers day in the nature June 2021. For students of 6-12 grade the nature games were organised 2 times a schoolyear (2021-22). Also the teachers had the hiking day in the bog for educational purposes and to relieve stress (8.10.2021). To experience nature 7th graders went on the river canoing June 2022).

Padlet on school stress


School as a lab

Estonia: Workshops in cooperation with geological society about natural resources November 2020. Primary students project How to plant and grow February-March 2021. The whole day studies in the nature May 2021. The School as a lab project included cooperation with students of Tartu University: 8 ( Sept-March) whole day chemistry lab workshops changed the 11 grade students school life into a living lab during one school year. Environmental project about trash in cooperation with youth centre April-May.

The students built in technology lessons the wooden vehicles April 2022. Programm and project - research about water environment May 2022. Practical Skills project handicraft for girls 2019-2022 once a schoolyear.


Seminars and visits for students

Estonia: Study visit to Tartu  and university on topic arts and history October 2019. Study visit to Tallinn film museum and workshops October 2019. IT day in Tartu for students January 2020. Study visit for gymnasium students Back to the nature North- Estonia October 2020. In the interest of the project the seminars for the students were offered by the school: 30.09.2021 Laboratory of the ideas in our region; 7.10.2021 Cool schoolday in Tallinn; March 2022 youth ideas project for local schools. Lectures, workshops, visits  on environmental topics April 2022.


Learning by doing

Estonia: local English day - games and workshops October 2019. Primary school Logo project as learning by doing November 2021; the whole schoolday project building a Goldberg machine December 2021. How to organize a big event - students ball November 2019, March 2022.