Let's meet Croatia is a workshop made by students of the Technical School under the leadership of Emanuel Grbac.

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Download this file (Kordinate i pitanja u učionicama.pdf)Coordinates and questions[ ]184 kB
Download this file (Odgovori na pitanja i popis koordinata.pdf)Answers and coordinate list[ ]42 kB

The drone workshop was held by student Filip Križanac and prof. Tomislav Živković.


Download this file (Drones.pdf)Presentation [ ]697 kB

The workshop "Digital Competences" was held by Tomislav Živković, prof. and Marina Mirković, mag. el.


Download this file (Digital competencies.pptx.pdf)Presentation [ ]1826 kB
Download this file (Our journey starts at Požega.docx.pdf)Team Croatia essay[ ]4150 kB
Download this file (Skills - Timeline of Festivals - Croatia.pdf)Team Croatia timeline[ ]105 kB
Download this file (TEAM TURKEY.docx.pdf)Team Turkey essay[ ]18 kB
Download this file (Workshop digital competencies.docx.pdf)Workshop digital competencies[ ]105 kB

As the first task in the project, the students were given to make a logo for the project. The logos were sent for evaluation and the winning logo was chosen. The winning logo comes from the Estonian team.

The winning logo is:



Other student logos: