The students and their teachers started a special club meeting twice a week to form new ideas which would eventually lead to better well-being of all school participants. Creativity and innovativeness for entrepreneurship methodology was used. Mr. Tomaž and Mrs. Maja joined us. They work at Career place and they held a workshop called »What will I be when I grow up?« 

Students of year 9 had English lessons based on 21st century skills and jobs of the future.

They watched 2 different videos:

While listening they had to look for specific information (85 million jobs, 97 million new roles, 70 %, 2 weeks and 5 months). We also focused on translating and explaining some of the words and situations (Automation of work, Global recession, Labour, Displace, Reskilling, Changing labour market, Human capital, Shortage, investing ).

In Our school community of 6zh-9th grade students, they explored factors that influence one's choice of profession, holds one back or motivate him or her. 

They studied jobs of the past, present and future and thought about the needs in our current job market. The students created different job plans and inserted their own ideas. They held surveys, interviews, studied literature… Professional future therefore became a bit clearer. 

Most of the students later cooperated in the school parliament and took on the role of a member of the school parliament. The students held a debate on future jobs andshared new ideas for a better school climate.