Students of year 9 had English lessons based on 21st century skills and jobs of the future.

They watched 2 different videos:

While listening they had to look for specific information (85 million jobs, 97 million new roles, 70 %, 2 weeks and 5 months). We also focused on translating and explaining some of the words and situations (Automation of work, Global recession, Labour, Displace, Reskilling, Changing labour market, Human capital, Shortage, investing ).

After that they were put into breakout rooms where they had to work together and find information about 21st century skills and what are the jobs of the future.

After the breakout rooms students used to name the skills they find the most important. The word that was chosen the most often is written in the biggest letters – creativity. These are the results. anketa

At the end a discussion was open about artificial intelligence, vehicles not being operated by humans, etc. Students were asked to think about pros and cons and to express their opinion.