SKILLS in croatia, day 1

The Technical School in Požega (Croatia)  hosted the second mobility in the Erasmus + KA2 project "With the Skills of the Future for a Successful Job and Life" which was held from 9 to 15 November 2021. It was the first mobility for students in this project, because the mobility in Estonia, held in December 2019, was intended for teachers.16 participants (11 students and 5 teachers) arrived to Požega from Estonia, Italy and Turkey. Along with 12 students and 7 teachers of the Technical School in Požega, they participated in the mobility of the project called "We are ready for the digital world." 
Unfortunately, students and teachers from Slovenia did not come to Požega due to the complex situation in Slovenia because of  the COVID pandemic.
Some activities were monitored online via the Zoom application.

The hosts of the mobility, the Technical School, organized a reception for the partner teams. Through presentations and videos, student teams presented their schools and the cities they come from. Professor Zoran Galić, principal of the Technical School, introduced the guests to the school.Team building activity, Escape room - Let's meet Croatia, enabled the students to get to know the Republic of Croatia. It was prepared by the students of the Technical School under the guidance of the student Emanuel Grbac. Participants visited the Business Incubator in Požega, managed by the Public Institution Local Development Agency Požega. In addition to presenting their role and work, during a tour of several workshops, they met with their owners, among them former students of the Technical School. The visit was organized by the principal Zoran Galić. This was followed by the reception of the Deputy Prefect, Mr. Ferdinand Troha in the Great Hall of Požega-Slavonia County. In the "Digital Competences" workshop held at the school, students in school teams with the help of host students, explored the specifics of their region in terms of culture and traffic to discover the original tourist route that could make their region an interesting place for visitors.The students created a timeline of traditional and cultural festivals, described a trip from their city to the nearest airport, and made a comic about that trip with them as participants. They used various digital tools. On the common digital board in the tool, they expressed their readiness for the digital world with their comments. The workshop was prepared by professors Tomislav Živković and Marina Mirković.A meeting of mentors was held in which were analyzed the activities in the project that took place online due to the COVID pandemic. The dates of other mobilities in 2022 have been agreed. The project website was analyzed.

On the second day on the way to Osijek, the mobility participants visited Đakovo, the heart of Slavonia and the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Peter built in the neo-Gothic-Romanesque style.The National Center for Safer Internet operates within the Center for Missing and Abused Children in Osijek. It is a leading organization that has been working for more than ten years in the field of protection of children from abuse and sexual exploitation via the Internet. A lecture on the topic "Safer Internet Center" was held in the conference hall of the Educational and Information Tourist Center for Youth - Stara Pekara. After the introductory speech of the director Tomislav Ramljak and the head of the Osijek-Baranja County police sector, Ivan Pakšić, lecturers Martina Nikolić and Vanja Šokić gave an interesting interactive lecture. The risks we are surrounded by on a daily basis in the online world are shown, by cyberbullying - what research shows and what young people think about it. Lecture participants learned a short message that means a lot: “Stop. Block. Tell. ”- Report inappropriate behavior and content online and seek the help of trusted people if needed. The lecture was held in agreement with professor Marina Mirković, who has been cooperating with the Center for Safer Internet in celebrating Safer Internet Day for many years.During a walk through Osijek, students and teachers visited the concathedral of St. Peter and Paul, which is the second cathedral church of the Đakovo-Osijek Archdiocese. They visited the Museum of Slavonia, which is one of the main bearers of the cultural life of the city of Osijek, and one of the oldest museums and the largest general museum in the Republic of Croatia. 


Croatia day 2


The third day of mobility began with the reception of the Deputy Mayor, Borislav Miličević, at the City Hall in Požega. This was followed by a trip to Slavonski Brod where the participants visited the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Professor dr. Sc. Leon Maglić gave an interesting lecture in which he presented the faculty, but also the fields of mechanical engineering and occupations useful in the future. He has published 20 scientific and professional papers in the country and abroad, and introduced the audience to his specialties: quality control and assurance, product reliability and certification according to a number of ISO standards. The visit to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was organized by professor Mirjana Pavlović.Along with a walk through Slavonski Brod, the participants visited the world's first tamburitza museum within the Brod Fortress. It was introduced by Mr. Mladen Rakić, a member of the Brod Association of Tamburitza Players. The tamburitzas of the four most famous building systems from the end of the 19th century to the present can be seen in the exhibition itself. There is also an abundance of photographs, videos and audio recordings, plaques, awards, sheet music that show the history of tamburitza and tamburitza music in this area. The participants had an interesting corner for a master workshop where they were introduced to the process of building a tamburitza.Travels on mobility, history and sights of individual cities in Slavonia were presented to the participants by professor Alen Farkaš. 


Croatia day 3


The fourth day began with the presentation of the search for the hidden treasure of Požega, which was prepared for the students by professor Hrvoje Mikolčević. While walking through Požega, students in international teams, along with their smartphones, discovered the locations where special gifts were waiting for them - Požega souvenirs.The additional charm of getting to know Požega was provided to the guests by the manifestation "Tastes of Autumn in Požega", stands with a rich and tasty offer.A presentation and workshop with drones was held at the school, organized by professor Tomislav Živković and student Filip Križanac. The students were thrilled with the drone management in the school playground area.In sports activities organized by professor Milan Trgovčić, students and teachers participated, according to their choice, in basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis or badminton. 


Croatia day 5


On the last day of mobility prof. Hrvoje Mikolčević gave a lecture on time-lapse video, ie photography where a certain scene was taken several times at certain time intervals. It  applies to scenes that change slowly.It was explained making or taking photos with examples.The students then wrote in teams articles describing the activities during the previous four days. They referred to the skills they had learned or developed during the mobility. An evaluation of mobility was held, as well as the ceremonial distribution of certificates for participation and occasional  medals.All participants expressed their satisfaction with participating in the self-realization of personal skills and competencies. The SKILLS project is co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus + program. The next mobility will take place in early January 2022 in Istanbul.


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