Dissemination: We held a technical day in February 2021 where we also cooperated with our Croatian Erasmus+ partner. Our National Agency chose our activity as an example of good practice and posted an article about it on sio.si (the biggest Slovenian teacher professional website) and the NA's FB page.

As part of the project, students learn the skills needed to live and work in the 21st century, collaborate with students, make products, research. Source: Pixabay Fran Saleški Finžgar Elementary School Lesce has been participating in the Erasmus + project With the skills of the future to a successful profession and life since September 2019.

Their students, together with students from partner countries - Croatia, Italy, Estonia and Turkey - and through experiential learning, exchange of practices and group work, acquire and strengthen the skills and competences of the 21st century. Although the current situation prevents them from international student exchanges, they continue with project activities within their school and the local environment.In February, as part of the project, they carried out a remote technical day called Robotics and the professions of the future.

Even before the technical day, English teachers devoted two hours of lessons to cross-curricular integration and preparation for the day. Pupils connected via video conference and looked in groups for information on 21st century skills and professions of the future. They then shared their findings with other students, and together they discussed the pros and cons of developing technology.

They connected with the local environment and invited three companies (Elaphe, ElevonX, Hypex) to participate in the technical day, which are very developmental and whose industries are becoming more and more relevant. The students were divided into groups, each first researching the website of the selected company and preparing questions.

The company representatives then introduced them to their work and the skills needed to do so, and answered their questions. Each group prepared a report and reported everything to the other groups. They were also joined by students and teachers from the Croatian partner school, who introduced them to the operation of the robotic arm and drone and prepared an online quiz about drones, which tested their knowledge.At the end, the students wrote their impressions of the day on online sticky notes.Judging by the responses, the technical day was very interesting for them and they learned a lot.

During the technical day, students tested different methods of work, used several ICT tools, learned new content, communicated in a foreign language and with all of the above strengthened the skills needed to work and live in the 21st century.