IIS Petrucci Ferraris Maresca Sede   “G. Ferraris”- Catanzaro- ITALY school is one of the biggest schools in Catanzaro. It has a total number of students of about 1000 and 270 in G.Ferraris , our vocational school. Catanzaro lies in the middle of Calabria- our region’s name.  It has byzantine origins and lies in the Squillace Gulf on Ionion sea. Our school focuses on specializing students on professional activities in the area of maintenance and technical assistance, operating in the electronics, electrical engineering, heating technology, mechanical engineering. We participate to many activities and in particular to National digital school plan, alternating training, electronic fairs.

  The main purpose of the institute is: Well-being of the students. Recovery of disadvantage. Inclusion of students with a migrant background or disabled. Teaching of " Citizenship and Constitution " introduced by Law no. 169 of 30.10.2008. Sensitivity to environmental problems. Strengthening of the study of foreign language and ICT, with the possibility of achieving certifications. Enhancement of the situations of excellence. Our students are aged between 14 to 19 years old.